Lightning fast transformation that creates the real success you crave in life

Gorgeous high achieving woman,  lovingly give yourself permission to lean into how life is really meant to work so you can put an end to the struggle of overwhelm, stress and constantly "doing" to create the true success you crave in life.  

radically TRANSFORM your life and create the kind of success you've only ever dared to dream about with my transformational coaching

You’re a highly successful, driven and accomplished, mid life woman. You’ve won awards, and got the achievements and recognition you crave So why are you still feeling frustrated, stuck, stressed or even angry at where you are in life? Deep down you know there’s more to life, but you don’t know how to tap into it. Which is why you’re here. I don’t believe in coincidences. You’ve attracted this page because you’re ready to transform your life. I know you feel a disconnect between your reality and how you really feel on the inside.

Iyanla Vanzant makes a distinction between growth work and healing work:

“Growth work is about you learning how to manage and move through where you are, and what you have, in a different way.

Healing work is going back to uproot or to dig up the causes of certain habitual, unconscious, systemic behaviors and beliefs.” 

Do you sometimes (often) feel:

  • Successful but never truly fulfilled? 
  • Motivated but still doubting yourself? 
  • Accomplished but never feeling quite enough? 
  • Driven but never truly satisfied?  
  • Talented but never truly happy? 

It's as if:

  • You’re always trying to get somewhere but never reach the finish line
  • You’re sick of doing it all and all you want is to feel is free, flowy and fulfilled
  • You’re never truly satisfied but think the next big achievement will bring you the peace you seek.  

It’s mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting feeling like this and goes against life’s flow

You’re heading for burnout, gorgeous.

If so, I totally get it! I felt exactly that way as did my clients, who have transformed their lives as a result of making the bold decision and saying YES to themselves.

The problem is, you were never taught what real success looks like.

None of us were.

We were taught to validate ourselves through our external accomplishments. In order to feel worthy we had to achieve! Achieve! Achieve!

Except, it never works. We still never feel worthy and therefore life always feels like something's missing.

You’ve got to claim your right to show up as truly authentic, worthy and deserving of everything you desire. Which is exactly where I come in.

My job is to support your growth so you create the true success and joy you want to feel AND heal what’s holding you back. 

I hold space as you finally discover who you’re really meant to be and what it is you truly want in life by gently undoing what no longer serves you, releasing the energy of the past so you stride confidently into the future. Instead of judging yourself, never feeling enough, guilty or ashamed, you gain clarity, practice awareness, forgiveness and self love as you “unbecome” all that you thought you should be and choose to up level into the powerful fulfilled creator you were always designed to be.

Imagine the future if you continue to live your life as it is right now. Juggling life but never really experiencing the enthusiasm, peace, ease, excitement and love you crave. Will you ever feel truly successful, fulfilled, happy and peaceful?  

When you work with me, you’ll unleash those feelings and discover the 10/10 life waiting for you...   

Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you're proud to live

~ Anne Sweeny

Why transformational coaching?

Transformational coaching is based on the idea that you need to heal yourself first in order to change your life. This means that you must become aware of your own beliefs, values, attitudes, and behaviors. You then learn how to manage these so that you can make changes in your life. It focuses on self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-acceptance which are the cornerstones to understanding yourself, how you think and feel.

The Up leveled woman

VIP Plan

This is my best-selling offer.  Here we enter a beautiful relationship where I coach you with love, grace, respect, reverence and support for your ascension into the woman you were always designed to be! We will meet once a week over Zoom for 16 weeks. You will also receive two complimentary Rapid Relief Therapy (RRT™) with me.

The Up leveled woman

online course

The self paced online version of my signature programme is a beautiful 12 module strategy. Designed to stack week on week you will have all the knowledge, tools and techniques I teach my private clients so you can live your most incredible life 10/10 every day, aligning what you want, with who you are and whatever is thrown at with you purposefully and joyfully.

Rapid Relief Technique™

6 week programme

RRT is a deep but highly transformational process which releases emotional energy from your body taking you back to your natural high vibrational frequency of love - the place you’re meant to experience life! It is a form of tapping that helps clear, process and release stuck feelings and negative emotions which stop you from living your best life.

Rapid Relief Technique™

Free sessions

Each week we come together over zoom and I'll gently take you through a Tapping to release you from negative emotions and beliefs so you bounce back to your happy self!

The more you do this, the more your vibration rises and the happier and easier life becomes!

I'm Di Hill - transformational Coach

I’m the Transformational Coach for women who feel as if life is passing them by and are scared they will never have the life they dream of. My role is to teach you how to live from a place of truth and love for yourself so you unleash your true power to create a magnificent and abundant life versus one driven from fear, programming and lack.

I have been privileged to work with hundreds of women globally, who all felt exactly as you do right now.  It has been my greatest pleasure to watch them release the past, their limiting beliefs and all that has been holding them back from transforming their lives!  It makes my soul sing and my heart full of love and fulfilment to watch them rise up and meet the woman inside they always knew was in there! I cannot wait to share it with you through my transformational coaching!

through my transformational coaching you will:

  • Discover your WHY and the importance of this
  • Shift the suffocating worry that life is passing you by and start claiming back what is rightfully yours
  • Have a deeper connection to your inners self (your soul) and what you want
  • Have better communication with others as you dare to stand in your power
  • Effortlessly live from your truth 
  • Have more peace, acceptance and clarity
  • Understand how you are responsible for everything that has happened in your life and how to use this to get what you want. 

When Nicole first contacted me she was lost, frustrated, scared and angry because she felt she could never create the life she wanted.  She was stuck and miserable, unable to work out how to create the happy life she thought everyone else had.

As I took her through my 16 week VIP The Up Leveled Woman program, I held her hand and show her the self limiting beliefs that that she had allowed to hold her back in life.  I supported her to re-evaluate who she was underneath it all, break down the blocks, discovered what she really want in life and showed her how to get it!  

What my clients have to say about my transformational coaching

I view my life in a completely different way now and I feel so much happier, fulfiled and content. I strongly recommend all women who feel stuck, need clarity or want to change their life for the better to empower themselves and commit to doing this work. It's life changing.

Di shared her knowledge, tenacity and infectious positive energy with me on numerous occasions and workshops.  I highly recommend spending some valuable time with yourself and Di… You won’t regret it!

Having Di as part of my support structure was inspirational, always striving to do better! Her enthusiasm is contagious – leaving you feeling light & positive. Di offers a unique perspective, offering wonderful results.

Well, Di is the best in the business. She is brilliant and is an Transformational Coach Queen! I went from feeling miserable and stuck to feeling unstoppable, driven to succeed and create my best life Di is just fabulous. She made me re-evaluate who I was and what I wanted. I have a clearer vision of who I am and what my purpose is. She made me realize how fabulous life is and gave me tools to create whatever I wanted in life. Thank you for always being there for me and being only a phone call away. I would recommend her to anyone that wants to lead a purposeful life.

Working with Di has literally changed my life. I was stuck in a rut, (to be honest probably a little depressed) for so long, her process and guidance made me realize this was not the way life needed to be. In one year, I bought my dream house, regained control of my career, started gym and meditating regularly and lost some weight, without a horrible diet. She made me believe in myself and the process. I would recommend EVERYONE give her course a try. You only have one life and you better own it.

My journey with Di has been life changing. We got deep, we got uncomfortable, but I came out lighter, with a huge heartfelt understanding of Why. I now have all the tools I need to keep me feeling confident, feeling worthy, feeling abundant, feeling in control and the best gift she gave me is that I have created an incredible life that I love living.

Your journey to radically transform your life and ascend into the woman you were always designed to starts HERE. Say YES PLEASE to a life which is waiting for you to claim it and NO THANKS to denying yourself the life of your dreams.

The UpLeveled Woman is a life changing transformational strategy that will support, ignite, inspire, and nurture you as you ascend into the woman you were always designed to be.

Put an end to the struggle of doing it all, never feeling accomplished enough, and lean into the ease and flow of being to create the success and fulfillment you crave. Take back the limitless power within and step into the most incredible version of you, so you live the incredible abundant life you were born deserving of.

Discover how to live a life in alignment with who you really are